Islington Clean Air Parents

Islington Clean Air Parents

Air pollution is a health emergency

60% of Islington exceeds legal air pollution limits

Air pollution irreversibly stunts the growth of children’s lungs causing life long health issues

A third of deaths from strokes, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution

What we want

We believe all children in Islington have the right to breathe clean air.

Air pollution levels inside and outside Islington’s schools should be below World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended limits of 20mg.

Reduce traffic across the borough to create clean air streets that are safe for our children to walk, cycle and scoot to school.

Build a green infrastructure on our streets to allow children to enagage with nature, increase bio-diversity and reduce the effects of climate change.

Everyone is welcome to join, our aim is to have members representing every school in Islington. As a member you will receive our newsletters and we’ll keep you up to date with actions, events and meetings. Please also follow us on twitter.

We won’t share your information.

Latest news

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