Forest for Change

Islington Forest for Change

Islington Clean Air Parents launch Urban Forest project to plant 200 trees in and around the borough

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce toxic air pollution in Islington, ICAP has launched an ‘urban forest’ project. We aim to plant up to 200 trees in and around Islington, from the Forest for Change exhibition taking place at Somerset House this summer.

Watch the video about the project and how we’re working with local communities and the council to make sure these trees reach the places they’re needed most.

The trees have been donated to Islington Clean Air Parents by Forest for Change, an interactive installation by artist Es Devlin open at Somerset House from 1 to 27 June as part of the London Design Biennale

We have already started the process of identifying suitable locations around the borough, including housing estates, under-used open spaces, and vacant street tree pits. Residents, community groups, and schools are being asked for ideas on planting locations. Do you have a suggestion? Email us at

The trees will help regenerate Islington’s urban and green spaces to offer more places for children to engage with nature and learn about the importance of trees. 

ICAP is fund raising £15,000 to cover the project including the cost of transporting and short term after-care of the trees before they are planted in their forever homes. If you would like to support this project, and adopt a tree, please do so here.

Founder of the project, Lucy Facer said:

“These trees signify a healthier future for children in Islington. It is important we take action to improve air quality now, whilst our children are young and so vulnerable to the long-lasting effects of air pollution.”

Tree locations

Our aim is to plant the trees in a wide range of locations in and around the borough, including housing estates, schools, community spaces, urban landscapes, under-used open spaces, and vacant street tree pits. 

Do you know of a space near you that needs a tree or even a number of trees? We are collecting suggestions from people and communities in the borough to bring more green infrastructure where it’s needed most.

Please email your location suggestions to

Trees are vitally important for children. They provide shade in the summer, places to play and clamber on, leaves to collect, and they help clean the air too. We need more of them!

frankie Roberto, islington clean air parent

Sponsor a tree

To deliver this ambitious project, ICAP is raising £15,000 to help pay for the costs of transporting, planting, and watering the trees. 

Be part of this fantastic initiative and help us bring the Forest for Change trees to Islington by sponsoring a tree. An individual, family, group, or organisation can sponsor a tree for £150 and it will be named on the Islington Forest for Change map. You can even dedicate it in the name of an individual or organisation.

Donations of any size are welcome, and we have a range of rewards including tote bags and postcards.

Please help back this crowdfunder by pledging your amount on our crowdfunding page.

A legacy in Islington

Islington Council is supporting the project and helping with the logistic arrangements, providing expertise, and taking on the long-term maintenance of the trees.

Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington Council’s Executive Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We are facing a climate emergency, which is why we’re working to become a net zero carbon borough by 2030. Collaboration between the council, local people, business, and community groups is essential if we’re to meet our ambitious target. We are extremely grateful to Islington Clean Air Parents for their hard work on this, and to the London Design Biennale and Forest for Change for selecting Islington as one of two boroughs to receive the trees.”

The trees will be planted from October 2021 by Islington Council trees team and specialist landscaping company Scotscape.

Please help us find homes for the Forest for Change trees in and around Islington by sponsoring a tree. An individual, family or organisation can sponsor a tree for £150 and it will be named on the Islington Forest for Change map.

Islington Forest for Change is a heart-warming example of the power of individuals working together, community and council for the common good. The trees will bring numerous benefits, cleaner air, improved mental health and biodiversity. Can’t wait to welcome them to Islington!

Eilidh Murray, Inspiring Sustainable Islington

Car Free Space

Regenerating an under-used urban space into a mini-forest

Find out how Islington Clean Air Parents is planning to revitalise this area into a community green space that offers children a place to engage with nature, learn about the importance of trees and bio-diversity, and have fun!

Car Free Space in Barnsbury is so unloved it doesn’t even have a proper name! This under-used urban space has an opportunity to increase its ‘green-appeal’. It can be used by more people in the community by making it a more engaging and interesting place to spend time.

Planting Trees
Ten trees from the Forest for Change installation will be planted in the open space to create a mini-urban forest.

Woodland planting
To increase bio-diversity we will hold community planting sessions and introduce a wide variety of woodland plants and flowers.

Concrete pathways will be replaced with woodland walkways to create a natural and softer environment.

Information about trees, how they grow and what they do for our environment will engage visitors about the importance of trees in our urban environment. Information boards will explain more about the secret lives of trees and what they do to address climate change and clean the air.

If you are interested in getting involved please email: and help us reach our fundraising target by adopting a tree today.