The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

Islington Clean Air Parents and our children joined many other families for a children’s summit outside Parliament on 8th September 2021 to share their concerns with MPs about air pollution and the climate and nature crisis. The event was organised by Zero Hour and Letters for Future, the campaigners behind The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (The CEE Bill).

Children handed their letters to MPs and made banners to show them how concerned they are about climate change. It was very powerful and moving to hear children speak with such passion about their hopes and fears.  They want the Government to prioritise the environment and do more to protect their future. One 9 year old boy from Islington wrote “we are animals and nature, if animals and nature die we die too.”

We spoke to MP Caroline Lucas, who has brought this bill to Parliament, she said “Children see the connection between humans and nature, but sadly there is a disconnect for many adults.” 

We are grateful to MPs who took the time to listen to our children, including Islington South MP, Emily Thornberry, who was there but has not officially signed up yet.  It is essential the government back the CEE Bill because legislation is the best way to protect our children’s health and their future.   

What can you do?   

Declare your support for the CEE Bill. It’s really easy to do via the Zero Hour link here. It’s really important you let your MP know that you care about this, that your children care about this and you want the Government to care about this enough to commit to action.

They need to hear from as many people as possible so please share widely to insure the climate and nature and emergency is at the heart of Government policy by passing this bill.   

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (The CEE Bill)   The bill was first set up in 2008 with contributions from eminent scientists, academics and lawyers. It was first presented to parlament in 2020 and now has the backing of many MPs, Peers and many others from a wide variety of backgrounds.     There are 140 MPs and Peers from across all the major parties currently supporting the Bill, including the Islington North MP, Jeremy Corbyn. However, there are a total of 650 MPs in Parliament so there is more work to be done to gain more support.  

Parliament declared a Climate Emergency back in 2019 but action has not matched their words. The CEE Bill can do that.   

Law making can be a long process the Environment Bill was first published almost three years ago, still needs to finish its passage through the Lords and House of Commons. The timelines are not yet known but the government is likely to want to wrap things up before COP26 in November. Declaring your support NOW is critically important Here.


6th September: The House of Lords demanded a more ambitious approach by the UK Government to tackle air pollution.   Peers voted in favour of an amendment to the Environment Bill that would commit the government to reduce levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), one of the most harmful pollutants, to within World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines by 2030 – at the latest.

21st October:

Climate Change Debate in the House of Commons.

An open letter was presented to Prime Minister Boris Johnston signed by 800+ including scientists, businesses, campaigners and politicians called for joined up climate-nature emergency plan for COP26 .


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