Nurture Workshop Series

Nurture: The Environment and You – working together to protect and restore. Get informed, get inspired and get involved

To ‘nurture’ is to care and protect something that is growing. This series of workshops will provide the tools you need to nurture yourself, your family and your environment.

Whether you are just beginning to think about climate change issues or are already involved in positive change there is something for everyone. We will cover key aspects of our daily lives, such as eating well, gardening and growing food, the health benefits of walking, child-friendly streets, local wildlife, tree planting and more.

Gain a better understanding of climate change, how it will affect you and how you can make a difference in your life and local community. Each session will be led by  a guest speaker with an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.

Launch event Tuesday 30th November, at 7:30pm

David Saddington, Head of International Nature Campaign COP26, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, our keynote speaker. He was joined by seven workshop leaders who will give an overview of their events which run through to late Spring 2022.

We are delighted to be collaborating with the brilliant Inspiring Sustainable Islington to bring you this series of free workshops. It is designed to make taking personal action over climate change more manageable and seem less daunting. 

Climate change can seem very overwhelming. Although scientists have been warning about the impact of human behaviour on our planet for 30 years, it has suddenly hit the headlines over recent months. Firstly, in August when the IPCC report said it’s “code red for humanity”, it is proved that Global warming is a result of human greenhouse gas emission and that it’s having a catastrophic effect on our planet. Then again, during COP26, the global United Nations summit about climate change and how countries are planning to tackle it. 

The United Nations has made clear that the world needs ‘urgent climate action’ to limit carbon emissions and keep temperatures below 1.5C. Sadly, the outcomes of COP26 are disappointing. However, life goes on, but we know it’s not ‘business as usual’; colossal change is required and it needs to happen fast.  Islington is the 6th borough most vulnerable to climate change (source: GLA Risk of Climate Change). We are a very densely populated area, with very little green space (and a lot of concrete).

The planet is our home, and it needs nurturing. We cannot solve the global crisis on our own, but we can all make a difference in our daily lives by taking action to restore and protect our environment.

We hope to fast-track you to finding practical solutions in your daily lives:

  • Get informed. Understanding the problem helps us find solutions;
  • Get involved in positive change. Small efforts can make all the difference. You can change your own life and be an inspiration to others;
  • Join or start a campaign and work with others on causes you believe in;
  • Encourage your family, school and employers to live in an eco-friendly way;
  • You can make a difference in your life with positive action. 

Other topics which will be included in the series: Climate Safe Streets,  Healthy Streets Scorecard, Regenerative Farming & Rewilding, ethical finance and how to live within your carbon budget. If you are passionate about a topic and would like it to be included in this series, do get in touch; we’d be delighted to chat.

If you missed the launch of Nurture on 30th November, don’t worry, we recorded it !

  • Rachael : context and introduction to NurtureIslington 02:08
  • David : keynote speaker: 07:04
  • Ursula: environmentally sustainable diet: 32:30
  • Mike: why should we care about birds: 44:26
  • Emma/Rachael: I-Spy and Footways local walks: 50:09
  • Brenda: how to achieve community parklets: 56:42
  • Lucy: why trees are our friends: 01:02:26
  • Melanie: our health, the NHS and the climate emergency: 01:09:46
  • Farmer Tom: regenerative farming: 01:12:44
Nurture Launch Event, 30th November 2021

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