Winter Family Walk 2022

On Sunday 9th January, we were delighted to that the sun was shining for our Winter Family Walk. We began at Asteys Row Playground in Canonbury and walked to Arlington Square in St Peters. 

Following the success of our Autumn family walk David and I created another interesting walk through hidden walkways and secret routes in St Mary’s before heading to St Peters and along the canal tow path to Arlington Square.

Walking through streets with lower traffic enabled both adults and children to feel safe and able to look around and enjoy their surroundings. We discovered many hidden gems from magnificent ancient trees to contemporary street art, the highlight was visiting a hidden garden in St Mary’s.

 “When I’m walking with my children they always spot interesting things. It was their natural curiosity that inspired me to create scavenger hunts to make walking more fun.”

 Rachael Swynnerton, Islington Clean Air Parents

When our walk came to an end there were lots of smiles and rosy cheeks as we enjoyed some well-deserved hot drinks and biscuits.

For this walk we were keen to create a space for people to come together.  So, with some help from our friends, we gathered at a Parklet. It was lovely to see different generations in conversation while children played games in the local square until twilight. My children certainly had a very memorable afternoon and good night’s sleep!

Walkers gather at a Parklet, St Peters, Islington

Both Living Streets and Islington Clean Air Parents were delighted to share the benefits of walking with families and young children.  Walking is not just about getting around it’s also a chance to get some exercise, chat with friends and family and enjoy your neighbourhood. Walking improves physical and mental health and childrens ability to learn. Walking becomes more enjoyable for all when our neighbourhoods are for people and not dominated by cars.

Motor vehicle traffic accounts for 50% of air pollution in the borough, which is bad for our health especially children, because air pollution stunts the growth of their lungs causing life long health issues.  

However, one third of journeys are under 2km, which is easily walked by those who are able. Luckily, there is huge potential for walking in Islington and it  plays a significant part in tackling air pollution and climate change. 

Join us for our next family walk in Spring. As the seasons change it’s wonderful to see nature comes back to life. We will explore all that nature has to offer in our streets and precious green spaces.

BOOK NOW! 20th March 2022, Spring Family Walk

To register for this and other events please follow our Nurture series which we are running in collaboration with Inspiring Sustainable Islington. 

More events this month include one of our own projects, Forest for Change. Lucy Facer will present ‘How to grow a forest’ on Wednesday 26th January. Register now!

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