Call to Action! Green Heart campaign


Islington Clean Air Parents and other local groups have been campaigning for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) see our article here

In 2020, local residents all over Islington came together to support the Council’s positive action to create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, aka People Friendly Streets.  We are supporting the move to reduce traffic and transform our streets into spaces that children can enjoy, where they feel safe and most importantly can breathe cleaner air. 

ICAP and our members have proudly supported and joined with local residents to get local low traffic neighbourhood campaign groups up and running, and we continue to be active supporters. These neighbourhood groups now have informative websites, thousands of members and Twitter followers. The numbers have grown so much that we are delighted to announce the neighbourhood groups have come together under one umbrella as Low Traffic Islington

Your call to Action:

If you want less traffic on your street join us and thousands of others as we show our love for a #lowtrafficislington with a Green Heart 💚

The idea is to have as many Green Heart posters as possible in windows all across Islington to show the enormous number of people who want a low traffic Islington, with cleaner, healthier and safer streets.

Please print off a green heart 💚 and put it in your window. For all budding artists there’s one to colour in – let your children get creative!

[Outline Heart to Colour In]

[Green Heart on Blue Background]

[Green Heart on White Background]

Please take photos of windows with Green Hearts in them and share on social media with the location using #lowtrafficislington and the green heart 💚

e.g. “Green Heart spotted in Offord Road 💚 #lowtrafficislington

Finally, please share this with your network of: friends; neighbours; parent groups and, especially, schools -after all, schools are at the ‘heart’ of our community.

Thank you for your support.

If you’re not already a member please sign up to our mailing list. If you would like to get more involved or have a clean air issue you would like to campaign for please email

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