We Need Clean Air Now, Islington Town Hall 25th November 2019

On the 25th November ICAP held a meeting at Islington Hall on air pollution. We organised the event for a number of reasons. We wanted to use the event to educate Islington residents about the effects of air pollution on their health, to grow our membership and to demonstrate to councillors and those in power,Continue reading “We Need Clean Air Now, Islington Town Hall 25th November 2019”

2019 was a big year for ICAP

ICAP formed in March 2019 We’ve held five ICAP meetings, over 100 members attended, councillors and Islington pollution team 500 Twitter followers Created ICAPs mandate through our series of meetings with members from schools across Islington Met with E&R team and a meeting with Claudia Webbe resulted in a collaboration for a Clean Air SchoolsContinue reading “2019 was a big year for ICAP”

ICAP meet Emily Thornberry MP to ask for more action against air pollution

A group of ICAP members met with Emily Thornberry MP on Saturday 12th October to highlight the issues of air pollution in Islington. We had a very successful meeting with our MP who showed great interest and support. Two of our newest members, Daniel and Monica joined us at 38 weeks pregnant and just aContinue reading “ICAP meet Emily Thornberry MP to ask for more action against air pollution”

Introducing Islington Clean Air Parents

Our group was co-founded in March 2019 by four parents, Helena, Rachael, Miranda and Lucy. We have children at schools in the borough and are highly concerned about the pollution levels they are exposed to. As individuals we were talking to our children’s schools about reducing air pollution but finding that the Heads weren’t alwaysContinue reading “Introducing Islington Clean Air Parents”