ICAP meet Emily Thornberry MP to ask for more action against air pollution

A group of ICAP members met with Emily Thornberry MP on Saturday 12th October to highlight the issues of air pollution in Islington. We had a very successful meeting with our MP who showed great interest and support. Two of our newest members, Daniel and Monica joined us at 38 weeks pregnant and just a few days later gave birth to Sebastian. They were able to highlight the issues many parents experience about concerns of finding nurseries and schools in Islington that don’t exceed legal air pollution limits.

ICAP asked our MP to call for:

  • A legally binding commitment to PM targets by 2030 in the Environment Bill. (The bill has since been published but lacks a time scale, more to be emailed soon about how you can help campaign for this)
  • More action to be taken by Islington Council to reduce traffic across the borough
  • A more ambitious transport strategy with goals that meet 2030 carbon net zero targets

Emily also noted all the ICAP member’s responses she received in regard the transport strategy. During our meeting she was very interested in the points we made and asked lots of questions. Emily has since responded with a letters to us and Cllr Claudia Webbe.

It proved to be a very successful meeting and is a valuable option for tackling specific air pollution issues going forward.

How to tackle air quality problems:

Emily Thornberry has a surgery the first Friday of the month at which you can book timed appointments. So if you have a clean air issue you want to bring to her attention then this is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

Published by Islington Clean Air Parents

We are a fast growing group of parents and carers in Islington, highly concerned about the illegal levels of air pollution in the borough. Our members tell us they want to see more action being taken and faster.

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