10 ways to reduce air pollution

Find out how you can take positive action to reduce air pollution in Islington Air pollution is a killer, an estimated 88 deaths were caused by air pollution in Islington last year. Many areas in the borough exceed legal levels and this has a huge effect on our health. Not only does it cause heartContinue reading “10 ways to reduce air pollution”

Living School Streets

A new concept for creating clean air hubs in our community that create safe environments for people to walk, cycle and scoot. Islington Council has successfully implemented 35 school streets across the borough, reducing Nox by up to 83% outside schools. This transformation is radical and shows the opportunity to reduce air pollution further. TheContinue reading “Living School Streets”

Finding forever homes for Islington Forest for Change Trees

Our mission is to plant up to 200 trees in Islington to help reduce toxic air pollution and counter the heating effects of climate change. But we also value the impact they have on the environment and residents wellbeing. That’s why we are striving to find homes for Islington Forest for Change trees in asContinue reading “Finding forever homes for Islington Forest for Change Trees”

Launching our urban forest crowdfunder

We’re excited to launch Islington Forest for Change, a project to plant an ‘urban forest’ in Islington to help reduce toxic air pollution. The trees will help regenerate urban and green spaces, and well as greening our streets, estates, schools and neighbourhoods. Up to 200 trees are being donated to Islington Clean Air Parents byContinue reading “Launching our urban forest crowdfunder”

Clean Air Toolkit for Schools Launch Event

Islington Clean Air Parents is proud to launch a new Clean Air Toolkit for Schools in collaboration with Islington Council. One of the starting points for many of our members was noticing air pollution in and around our children’s school or nursery. However it can be daunting to learn how to take action and makeContinue reading “Clean Air Toolkit for Schools Launch Event”

How to campaign for a School Street in Islington

School Street schemes close school roads for pedestrian and cycling access only during pick up and drop off. They are proving to be hugely successful in creating a safer environment for children to walk, cycle and scoot, free from traffic. This significantly reduces air pollution caused by traffic, increases road safety and enables social distancing.Continue reading “How to campaign for a School Street in Islington”

We Need Clean Air Now, Islington Town Hall 25th November 2019

On the 25th November ICAP held a meeting at Islington Hall on air pollution. We organised the event for a number of reasons. We wanted to use the event to educate Islington residents about the effects of air pollution on their health, to grow our membership and to demonstrate to councillors and those in power,Continue reading “We Need Clean Air Now, Islington Town Hall 25th November 2019”