Finding forever homes for Islington Forest for Change Trees

Our mission is to plant up to 200 trees in Islington to help reduce toxic air pollution and counter the heating effects of climate change. But we also value the impact they have on the environment and residents wellbeing. That’s why we are striving to find homes for Islington Forest for Change trees in as many different locations as possible. Here are some of the communities we are helping through this project.

Housing Estates

Residents on The Grove housing estate lost two trees a few years ago in their communal gardens. They’ve been trying to get them replaced since but their housing management haven’t taken action. When they heard about Islington Forest for Change they got in touch and we’ve allocated them two suitable trees. Through our partnership with Islington Council, they will be planted in the Autumn. The residents gardening group is already planning a welcoming party to celebrate their arrival. They will continue to take care of these trees and this community involvement will increase their chances of survival from 70% to 95%. As they bed in for the first three years they need extra water on hot days whilst their roots become established.


Hugh Myddelton School is in one of the most polluted parts of the borough. The parents and teacher have worked together tirelessly to reduce air pollution in and around the school. This year they are revamping their nursery playground which is currently an open space with a tarmac area. They plan to landscape the playground and turn it into a wonderful, safe and green place for the children to play. We will be donating up to 5 trees to create a mini-forest in the playground. The trees will not only produce oxygen and soak up carbon, they will provide shade for the children and a natural environment that will boost their wellbeing.

Residential streets

Theberton Street has a strong community of residents but it is blighted with high levels of traffic, creating air pollution and noise. There are five empty tree pits on this street that residents have been asking the council to plant with new trees. The residents of Theberton Street realised through Islington Forest for Change, they could help take action. They started a mini-fundraiser that many contributed to and raised enough for five new trees which will be planted this Autumn. They will continue to take ownership of these trees so their chances of survival are greatly increased. Neighbourhoods with more trees and greenery are also safer and crime is shown to reduce.

Next steps

Islington Forest for Change has created so many more inspirational examples of schools, residents associations and community groups in Islington, coming together to request trees or raise money through mini-fundraisers. This enables Islington Forest for Change to benefit a wide variety of communities across all areas of the borough.

The conversations are growing as we learn about the importance of trees in our urban environment. Together we can grow this urban forest.

If you would like to start a mini-fundraiser, sponsor a tree or donate please visit our crowdfunder page to find out how:

If you would like to suggest a location please email us:

Published by Islington Clean Air Parents

We are a fast growing group of parents and carers in Islington, highly concerned about the illegal levels of air pollution in the borough. Our members tell us they want to see more action being taken and faster.

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