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Parents tell us they want to see more action to be taken and faster

— Islington Clean Air Parents

Reduce traffic in Islington

Our children are breathing illegal levels of pollution as they walk, cycle and scoot to school. 50% of air pollution in Islington is caused by road traffic. Reducing traffic is the most effective way to reduce pollution and reach the 2030 carbon net zero target. With only 29% of households in the borough owning a car, the majority of traffic is travelling through the borough. The council needs to create a plan for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) across the borough to stop traffic rat-running through residential roads.

The Islington transport strategy identifies two areas for LTNs but this is not enough to reduce traffic across the borough. We would like to see more commitment from the Council, the borough needs a comprehensive plan that joins up the traffic reduction schemes of Archway, Highbury Corner and Old Street.

You can help call the council to action by signing our petition for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. When we get to 2000 signatures, the council to debate it at a public meeting.

Click here to sign the petition

What the future could look like

Neighbouring councils in London are setting out very comprehensive plans for reducing traffic, like this one by Lewisham Council.

Ask Islington Council to clean up the illegal levels of air pollution by reducing traffic in our neighbourhoods.

Click here to sign the petition

Published by Islington Clean Air Parents

We are a fast growing group of parents and carers in Islington, highly concerned about the illegal levels of air pollution in the borough. Our members tell us they want to see more action being taken and faster.

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