Finding forever homes for Islington Forest for Change Trees

Our mission is to plant up to 200 trees in Islington to help reduce toxic air pollution and counter the heating effects of climate change. But we also value the impact they have on the environment and residents wellbeing. That’s why we are striving to find homes for Islington Forest for Change trees in asContinue reading “Finding forever homes for Islington Forest for Change Trees”

Launching our urban forest crowdfunder

We’re excited to launch Islington Forest for Change, a project to plant an ‘urban forest’ in Islington to help reduce toxic air pollution. The trees will help regenerate urban and green spaces, and well as greening our streets, estates, schools and neighbourhoods. Up to 200 trees are being donated to Islington Clean Air Parents byContinue reading “Launching our urban forest crowdfunder”

New campaign: Unite the Fields

The Highbury Crescent road dividing the two sections of Highbury Fields has been closed to traffic since 2014. Initially it was used as a construction compound for the rebuilding works at Highbury Corner. In 2020, Islington Council agreed to reopen the road to pedestrians and cyclists only, under temporary rules. This has enabled children toContinue reading “New campaign: Unite the Fields”