2019 was a big year for ICAP

  • ICAP formed in March 2019
  • We’ve held five ICAP meetings, over 100 members attended, councillors and Islington pollution team
  • 500 Twitter followers
  • Created ICAPs mandate through our series of meetings with members from schools across Islington
  • Met with E&R team and a meeting with Claudia Webbe resulted in a collaboration for a Clean Air Schools toolkit that parents can use to ask schools to implement change.
  • ICAP members joined six Islington Friday Climate Strike marches
  • ICAP Clean Air Petition launched for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in Islington, gaining over 600 signatures
  • ICAP met with Emily Thornberry MP
  • Launch of ICAP brand and website 
  • ICAP Clean Air event at Islington Town Hall, clean air panel included esteemed speakers: Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, Ian Mudway – Kings College, Aaresh Saleh – Doctors against Diesel, David Smith – Little Ninja, Claire Jones – Mums for Lungs.
  • Followed by Islington general election clean air hustings led by Rosalind Readhead included: Caroline Russell – Green party, Richard Watts – Labour, Nick Wakening – Liberal Democrats. 
  • New Facebook page
  • Meeting with Islington pollution officers to start writing Islington Schools Clean Air Toolkit, to launch in 2020
  • Nearly 200 members have joined ICAP. Join here

ICAP in the press: 

  1. Islington Gazette, ICAP members and new parents Monica and Sebastian, 
  2. Evening Standard & Daily Mail, Lucy Facer responds to Imperial College research showing 76% of Islington’s green spaces exceed legal limits, 
  3. Islington Tribune, Helena Farstad campaigning to save mature trees by Highbury roundabout
  4. Hanover magazine, Miranda talks about how to climate activism
  5. Islington Gazette, ICAP co-founders call for car ownership to be halved

ICAP meet Emily Thornberry MP to ask for more action against air pollution

A group of ICAP members met with Emily Thornberry MP on Saturday 12th October to highlight the issues of air pollution in Islington. We had a very successful meeting with our MP who showed great interest and support. Two of our newest members, Daniel and Monica joined us at 38 weeks pregnant and just a few days later gave birth to Sebastian. They were able to highlight the issues many parents experience about concerns of finding nurseries and schools in Islington that don’t exceed legal air pollution limits.

ICAP asked our MP to call for:

  • A legally binding commitment to PM targets by 2030 in the Environment Bill. (The bill has since been published but lacks a time scale, more to be emailed soon about how you can help campaign for this)
  • More action to be taken by Islington Council to reduce traffic across the borough
  • A more ambitious transport strategy with goals that meet 2030 carbon net zero targets

Emily also noted all the ICAP member’s responses she received in regard the transport strategy. During our meeting she was very interested in the points we made and asked lots of questions. Emily has since responded with a letters to us and Cllr Claudia Webbe.

It proved to be a very successful meeting and is a valuable option for tackling specific air pollution issues going forward.

How to tackle air quality problems:

Emily Thornberry has a surgery the first Friday of the month at which you can book timed appointments. So if you have a clean air issue you want to bring to her attention then this is one of the most efficient ways to do it.

Sign our petition

Parents tell us they want to see more action to be taken and faster

— Islington Clean Air Parents

Reduce traffic in Islington

Our children are breathing illegal levels of pollution as they walk, cycle and scoot to school. 50% of air pollution in Islington is caused by road traffic. Reducing traffic is the most effective way to reduce pollution and reach the 2030 carbon net zero target. With only 29% of households in the borough owning a car, the majority of traffic is travelling through the borough. The council needs to create a plan for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) across the borough to stop traffic rat-running through residential roads.

The Islington transport strategy identifies two areas for LTNs but this is not enough to reduce traffic across the borough. We would like to see more commitment from the Council, the borough needs a comprehensive plan that joins up the traffic reduction schemes of Archway, Highbury Corner and Old Street.

You can help call the council to action by signing our petition for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. When we get to 2000 signatures, the council to debate it at a public meeting.

Click here to sign the petition

What the future could look like

Neighbouring councils in London are setting out very comprehensive plans for reducing traffic, like this one by Lewisham Council.


Ask Islington Council to clean up the illegal levels of air pollution by reducing traffic in our neighbourhoods.

Click here to sign the petition

Introducing Islington Clean Air Parents

Our group was co-founded in March 2019 by four parents, Helena, Rachael, Miranda and Lucy. We have children at schools in the borough and are highly concerned about the pollution levels they are exposed to.

As individuals we were talking to our children’s schools about reducing air pollution but finding that the Heads weren’t always receptive to taking action. By forming a group we have found support and ideas about how to create change.

  • 60% of Islington is exceeds the EU legal limit of 40mg
  • Our children’s lungs will be stunted by 5-10%
  • 76% of parks in Islington have illegal levels of air pollution

We are now a fast growing network of parents and carers in Islington. Our members tell us they want to see more action being taken and faster whilst our children are still young. We hold regular ICAP meetings and also meet with councillors and MPs calling for action against air pollution.

Our mission: To create a network of parents & carers representing every school in Islington, working together with relevant authorities to significantly reduce air pollution below EU legal limits and creating a healthy clean air environment for all our children across the borough. 

At our first meeting our members discussed the items most important to them and we created a top priority list.

Our three main working objectives are:

  • To establish an effective Islington (schools network) clean air action group and agree a Clean Air policy for schools with Islington Council
  • To reduce traffic pollution across the borough and provide clean air streets (below EU legal limits) for children to walk, cycle and scoot safely to school.
  • To reduce pollution inside and outside all Islington schools to below WHO recommended air pollution limits. 

If you would like to join our group please email islingtoncleanair@gmail.com and follow us on twitter @air_parents. We’ll keep you up to date with actions and events that are happening and inform you of dates for our next meetings.